Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Visual versus verbal

I find that the abundance of visual content in my life, on the internet, in lectures, in books makes me lazy. I first realized this when I broke my camera in December - how to document my travels or cooking ventures? How to compose a blog post?

Our lives become a stream of pictures. What hasn't been visualized isn't real. I am reluctant to describe if I can just show. As a result, my thoughts and my narrative become simpler, more focussed on stunning vistas. Less attention goes to logical connections, to progressions and developments. I almost feel like the more I carry my camera, the less attention I give to detail.

Well, now I have it back, and you can expect to see more photographs again (if I can make it past my growing frustration with Blogger's image uploading interface) - let me know if you have an opinion on images vs words!

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