Monday, April 23, 2012

The Good Bakery

For those that didn't know yet, I actually did quit my job at AIMS, for a number of reasons which I'd rather discuss in person than on a blog. The next thing I did was reply to a classified ad seeking a "coffee wench" for the best bakery in the whole wide world, a.k.a. The Good Bakery.

It operates out of a garage, and is run by two chefs-turned-bakers ("because we got fed up with working in restaurant kitchens"). They have a couch, and some stove-top espresso makers, and an oven in the back. Oh, and they're thinking about rebranding it to "The Garage Bakery" - how surprising!

The garage
They make the best croissants I've ever had outside of France, and cinnamon buns better than my German mother's. Some days the muffins are to die for (I found out that's when they're made with hazelnut chocolate... I'm such a predictable creature). And this bakery is also where I learned, over the span of two weeks, how to make proper, proper scones.

The kitchen

Bakers taking a break

So, I really enjoy cooking coffee and learning about baking and talking to real people and not being in academia at all. In fact, I could've kept doing this for a long time. But life took a different turn and tomorrow I'm starting as a translator for German tourists on an overland tour bus to Victoria Falls. And from there, who knows where I'll go - but I promise I'll keep you posted.

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