Monday, November 14, 2011

Sea Cucumber

In the evening, Emma and I started to consume the liquor I brought back from my recent trip. I was really excited about my recent purchase, the stick blender, so after a few Gin and Tonics we moved on to blended cocktails. The most outstanding of our creations: the Sea Cucumber.

Radiantly green, effervescently refreshing and inarguably healthy (one serving of vegetables per drink), this is the quintessential Muizenberg drink. Invented 3 minutes from the ocean, hence the "sea" moniker; the cucumber should be self-explanatory.

 We imagine that fresh ginger would be a tasty twist on this, as would be the substitution of lime for lemon.


5 cm of cucumber
3 branches of fresh mint
2cl lemon juice
2cl gin
1 Tbs brown sugar (optional)
crushed ice
tonic water

In a blender, puree cucumber, mint, lemon juice, gin and sugar (if using).
Fill a tall cocktail glass halfway with crushed ice.
Pour the green puree over the ice, and fill up with tonic.
Serve topped with a mint leaf.

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